Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase: Exhibitions curated by Yumi Goto

Winners and finalists for 2013 for the


The 2nd “Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase” will be presented at this
year’s Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival between February 8th to 14th,

Out of the over 70 projects submitted, Asian Women Photographers’
Showcase’s founder and curator Yumi Goto have selected three winners and
nine finalists to participate at the festival.

The photographers turned their camera to a wide range of subjects; from
the photographer’s own identity, social issues concerning women, to
consequences brought about by politics and history of their countries. The
photos went deep, showing the many different layers of a world we share.
One could see the time and dedication that went into producing these

Projects submitted came from the many corners of the world, Armenia,
Bangladesh, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel,
Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Palestine, Philippines, Russia, Singapore,
Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Vietnam.

The three winners are

Anahit Hayrapetyan, “Princess to Slave” (Armenia)

Hayrapetyan looks into the widespread violence against women in Armenia.
Many women have gotten so accustomed to domestic violence; they don’t
know what violence is anymore.

Wenjie Yang, “Last Summer” (China)


Yang grew up in an apartment shared by seven families in Shanghai, time
was much different then. Through photography, Yang rediscovers his own
past, a disappearing way of life once was.

Lee Grant, “The Korea/Goryo Project” (Korea/Australia)

Lee Grant who is half Korean and half Australian retraces her mother’s move
to Australia as a symbolic journey, one shared by many Korean migrants, her
story is one of migration, identity and relocation.

The nine finalists are:

Jannatul Mawa, Bangladesh
“Close Distance”

Mitsu Maeda, Japan
“My Recollections”

Aechath Adam, Maldives
“Garbage Men of Eden”

Laura Boushnak, Palestinian / Lebanese

Kajal Nisha Patel, India

Maika Elan, Vietnam

Sim Chi Yin, Singapore
“China’s ‘rat tribe”

Oksana Yushko, Russia
“Balaklava: The Lost History”

Olya Ivanova, Russia
“In the clouds shadow”

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