Aung San Suu Kyi – The Choice

Aung San Suu Kyi: The Choice (Burma/UK/2012)
by Angus Macqueen
Thursday 14th, 1pm @CMU Art CenterThe Choice tells Suu Kyi’s extraordinary personal and political story, how she turned from Oxford housewife into national leader and then an international icon of resistence. Filmed over a year of tumultuous change in Burma, the film has two long interviews with Suu Kyi as well a colleagues in Burma and with family and friends outside. Hillary Clinton describes the impact of meeting this woman, whom she had long admired, as “seeing a long lost friend” whilst comparing her to Nelson Mandela.Suu Kyi talks of sadness but no regrets over the decision she took, while her colleagues outline clearly the ongoing gamble that they are all taking in compromising with the regime. Made over an extended period, The Choice uses a range of unseen archive – not least the moment she meets her husband and son for the first time after five years. A mix of current affairs and biography, the film captures a country and internationally revered politician at a crossroads.