Photobook Showcase

CDAF will showcase the following photobooks at the Three Kings Monument from 1st to 8th February

Shauna 2007 – 2009, by Sean Lee


Undercurrents, by Ian Teh


Military use, by Lee Han-koo


War Porn, by Christoph Bangert


The Unrooted : 1991-2005, by Sung Nam-Hun


Automatic Description, by Yoon Seungjun

On plastic surgery, by Lee Seung Hoon

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Losolmo Gym, by Daisuke Ito



Tokyo Compression Three, by Michael Wolf


Infidel, by Tim Hetherington


Dialogues, by Renè Burri  


Shaolin temple, by Tomasz Gudzowaty and Robert Bogusławski





Bastard Eden, Our Chernobyl, by Donald Weber



Mitakuye Oyasin, by Aaron Huey



THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story), by David Alan Harvey 


James & Other Apes, by James Mollison