Kashmir Showcase with Emaho

, in collaboration with Documentary Arts Asia are proud to present  a showcase of contemporary work on Kashmir.  The exhibitions and slideshows will provide a window into a region whose deep-rooted political and social problems have largely remained unseen by the international community.

About the exhibition:
Emaho Magazine will travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand with an international exhibition ‘Kashmir’ that aims at promoting the work being done by photographers on Kashmir who document its political situation with conviction despite the curb on ones freedom of expression. Very few people outside Kashmir are truly aware of the ground reality in this disputed region. Emaho, in collaboration with Documentary Arts Asia brings together the works of several of these photographers as its second international level photography exhibition after Post Singapore 2012. The exhibition wishes to provide a global arena to the photographers of Kashmir that have been silenced by the lack of an adequate platform for their remarkable work.  Emaho believes that the story of Kashmir needs to be told, and there’s no better way to do so than to bring to the gallery actual visual proof of the people’s lives and suffering.

Participating photographers include:
John Vink (Magnum)
Robert Nickelsberg (TIME Magazine)
Ami Vitale (Panos Photos and Founding member of Ripple Effect Images)
Sami Siva (Redux Pictures)
Sumit Dayal
Showkat Nanda
Danish Ismail ( Reuters)
Michele Borzoni (Terra Project)
Andy Sypra
Faheem Quadri
Yannick Cormier (Trikaya Photos)
Curators for the exhibition:

Manik Katyal is the Photo editor and Editor-in-Chief of Emaho Magazine—an online publication that aims to put forward photographers by organising international Exhibitions and photography workshops. Founder of Emaho Magazine, Manik is a journalist who has interviewed some of the world renowned photographers. Recently nominated for the ‘Creative Entrepreneur of 2012’ award by the British Council, Manik will be a judge at the FORMAT International Photography Festival, The Reminders Stronghold Project Grant in Japan and the Derby and German Photo Festival – FotoDoks Workshop in support of VII Photo Agency.Also Nominated as a judge for the 2012 Fotovisura grant sharing the panel with photo editors from Time , National Geographic , PDN etc.

Yumi Goto is an independent photo/reportage project researcher, coordinator, consultant, editor and curator. She is a founder of Reminders Project, and has launched Reminders Photo Project Grant For Asian Photographers “Visual Story Telling” with the Angkor Photo Festival. Goto is a board reviewer of Emphas.is (Crowdfund Visual Journalism), Prix Pictet Photography Prize nominator, 2012 MAGNUM Emergency Fund nominator, Photo City Sagamihara Asia Prize nominator and a jury member of the Asian Women photographers showcase for the Angkor Photo Festival, a jurist for the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand annual photo contest 2010, and for the KL PHOTO AWARD 2011. She is a curator for the Photo Forum Beirut and a photo editor of the 100th memorial photographic book project, THIS DAY OF CHANGE by the Japanese publisher Kodansha which was nominated Lucie Award’s support Category. She is a recipient of Women’s Human Rights Activities Award, Yayori Journalist Award.

For over a year now, Emaho Magazine has been promoting the art of photography and educating its readers about some of the brilliant work being done by photographers around the world. Early in 2013, Emaho plans to shift this very platform that it uses to promote art, to the photographers who have done spectacular eye-opening work in Kashmir.

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