Golden Slumbers

Golden Slumbers (Cambodia/2011)
Directed by Davy Chou
Tuesday 12th, 7 pm @ CMU Art Center Theater. The golden age of Cambodian cinema ended in 1975 when the murderous Khmer Rouge regime entered Phnom Penh, trashing cinemas and film reels, and forcing filmmakers and stars to flee or die. Of those that survived, few remembered the films from the ’60s and ’70s – or wished to; as one filmmaker says, “Remembering would break my heart for no purpose”. Only a handful of songs, fragmented prints and faded posters remained. In this eye-opening and touching documentary, director Davy Chou (a relative of one of Cambodia’s leading film producers from the ’60s) traces the lost celluloid years with visits to one-time movie houses and production lots and haunting interviews with survivors – including a once-feted producer who ended up working as a taxi driver in Paris and a faded film star who teaches the Cha-cha-cha in her cramped apartment.