High Tech, Low Life

High Tech, Low Life (China/2012)
Directed by Stephen T. Maing
Monday 11th, 7 pm @ CMU Art Center Theater. A young Chinese vegetable seller decides to challenge the restrictions of free speech and begin a second life as a citizen journalist. Travelling through the country he reports on censored news stories and social issues, though his desire for truth and the possibility of fame guides him into potential harm. An older blogger in Beijing is dedicated to telling the stories of the villagers who struggle for survival in China’s rural areas. Armed with digital cameras, cell phones and laptops they have both become one-man news stations trying to make sense of the rapidly changing country they live in. These two brave men chronicle the untold stories from inside China, risking political persecution while trying to find a safe way through the country’s evolving censorship regulations. Telling the story from two different generations, High Tech, Low Life captures the determination and fearlessness of a new digital generation from two of China’s first citizen reporters.