Mountain schools

Mohammad Golchin


Curated by PhotoJourn

Iran’s population reached 70 million in 2006. More than two-thirds of the Iranians are under the age of 30, and the literacy rate stands above 80%.

Education in Iran is highly centralized and is divided to K-12 education and higher education. K-12 education is supervised by the Ministry of Education and higher education is under supervision of Ministry of Science and Technology.

These photos have been taken in Talesh city (North of IRAN) between 2009-2013.

All of schools are in mountains.


1st to 28th, February, 2015




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2nd February, 6pm


Mohammad Golchin


Date of Birth : 1975

Nationality: Iranian

Education: Guilan University, Iran. Forestry Engineering 1995 -1999 B.A.

Starting to photography: 1994

Present Position: Free photographer-Teacher of photography at Iran young cinema Institute

Professional Affiliations: Member of the Iranian Photographers Center



1998 – Rasht,Gilan Soroush Gallery, Nature

2003 – Shiraz University Nature of Talesh

2004 – Gilan University News-Documentary

2004 – Talesh Talesh-Life-Colour

2006 – Rasht Artistic Institute,Man and Nature

2006 – Italy Nature of Talesh

And more than 50 group exhibition.



1999 – Special prize of UNESCO

2002 – Special prize of UNESCO

2002 – Gold medal of Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

2003 – Special prize of Photo Edolt (Poland)

2006 – Bornze medal of FIAP(Charlemagne – France)

2007 – Prize of Poland MUSUEM and Special prize of Jury

2008 – Honourable mention of FIAP(Child- Serbestan)

2008 – Pss Merit award- Singapore

2009 – Two Gold medal of FIAP(Berega – Russia)

2009 – Gold medal of FIAP-Italy

2009 – Bornze medal of FIAP(Rock – Serbestan)

2009 – Honourable mention of India(Photolovers-India)

2009 – Silver medal of PSA- USA

2009 – Sony photography award(Music category-France)


More than 100 selected work in:

Italy, Slovakia, Belgium, Cuba, Poland, Australia, Denmark, Japan, France, …