PhotoJourn workshop exhibition

by PhotoJourn

A light in the dark

Acharawan Lohavanijaya

The Blinds or those with disorders of vision are just like ordinary people who have good eyes. They live their lives with people in society like normal. The blind people, in fact, possess the potential to work with their distinct abilities caused by a great continuous practice which finally turn into their excellent skills that sometimes better than those normal people. Photos in this series show pictures in each period of life, from childhood, student life, until the age of choosing a career in performance. This reflects that each period of life has both bright and dark sides. It depends on which side you choose to present and let others see about yourself.

Cycling Chiang Mai

Sopon Chienwittayakun

Bicycles are very popular in Chiang Mai. There is every type of bicycle for every type of rider. Health-conscious riders are commonly seen in the morning and evening on Doi Suthep routes and some other outskirts routes. Many modern, more expensive bicycles are popular among leisure riders. The traditional use of bicycles as a mean of transportation is still popular and remains an important symbol of Chiang Mai.

It is a more challenging task that previously expected. Five-day period did not seem to be sufficient due to the lesser number of cyclists in the city. Multiple trips to Doi Suthep were necessary to get the best possible shots. A shot in this collection had me waited for over 2 hours before it was the right moment for me to press the shutter button.

Currently, the bicycles almost always share the same road surface as automobiles and motorcycles. However, it is still considered safer in Chiang Mai than Bangkok since the cars and motorcycles tend to travel at less speed.

Dead Business

Attavee Buanitisin (Bomb)

Buddhist funeral in those ancient times is a simple and easy. But at present there are many processes. Of course, everything has a cost. Whether it’s the place or ritual. Something called the purchase cost . But some of the paid We call it a fee.


1st to 28th, February , 2015




Doc Arts Asia New Center

 Opening party

2nd February, 6pm


Acharawan Lohavanijaya


Acharawan Lohavanijaya has no experience in photographic field before. What she familiars are pets and animals as she graduated from veterinary programme and has been working as vet since then. Having an opportunity to workshop with Photojourn, documentary photographers, is not only the first time of her taking photograph seriously but also broadening her view in shooting photographs. She additionally learns that the world can be seen in various angles and that’s why some images can tell stories by themselves rather than the view we have seen.

Sopon Chienwittayakun


I am 39 years old, married and living with my family in Bangkok. I love photographing but I make a living running a bag manufacturing company.

I am a Buddhist and one of the teachings in Buddhism says that everything changes. There is nothing in this world that stays forever. So I stay happy living my everyday life witnessing that very fact and think how to best cope with those changing things. And I believe that is why I am happy to take out my gear and capture the moments from place to place whenever possible.

The first time I put my hands on a camera was when I was a 12-year boy asking my dad if I could borrow his film camera and took a shot. I had been fascinated with the device but finally got the chance to take a proper course in 2009. Since then, photography has become a part of my life and I have explored my own particular interest in witnessing the interactions of human with local environments.

Sopon earned a BBA from Assumption University and a Master’s degree in Marketing from Thammasat University.

Attavee Buanitisin (Bomb) 


Born : 7 Dec. 1989
Education : College Of Social Innovation – Rangsit University
Career : Archivist of News Information Center – ThaiPBS
Interest in : Street , Documentary , Photojournalism , Conceptual
There are a few reasons why I was interested in this story.
– “Give the best for your lover at the last” I have seen this sentence on the advertising paper from the coffin shop.
– I’ve read some article on the internet. ‘millions baht spread about dead business in one year’ they said.
– questions in my mind about Life after death.
Then my story begins.